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Explore the live Whale Track sightings map. Whether you want to know what has been seen today or look for sightings of your favourite species, this interactive map allows you to change which sightings are displayed. The map displays all sightings that have been submitted through Whale Track but you can change this using the map filter tool panel Daily whale sightings report viewing humpback whales, blue whales, gray whales, dolphin,. Cover Image: Northern Resident Killer Whale and a Humpback Whale Stan Novotny, Eagle Eye Adventures On August 9th, some Northern Resident Killer Whales (i.e. fish-eating Orca) made their way into the southern end of Sutil Channel appearing between Quadra Island and Read Island. Their group may have included up to 30 members and they remaine We maintain a long-term database of sightings. Thousands of marine mammal sightings are submitted to The Whale Hotline each year through partnerships with local researchers, non-profits organizations, commercial whale watch operators, marine naturalists and members of the general public Recent sightings. The map below allows you to check the latest sightings in the UK. Please select an area on the map below or use the drop-down menu. Please select a region Shetland (1) Orkney & North Scotland (2) NE Scotland (3,4) South Grampian and SE Scotland (5,6) NE England (7,8,9) Eastern England (10-14) Southern England (15-18) SW England.

Please report all right whale sightings from Virginia to Maine to 866-755-6622, and from Florida to North Carolina to 877-WHALE-HELP. Right whale sightings in any location may also be reported to the U.S. Coast Guard via channel 16 or through the WhaleAlert app available through the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information about right whale protection zones and ship strike regulations, please visit the National Marine Fisheries Service shipstrike webpage Sightings: May 27: 3: 8 Minke Whales, 2,900 Common Dolphins, 70 Risso's Dolphins, 47 Bottlenose Dolphins, 3 Mola Mola: May 26: 2: 85 Bottlenose Dolphins, 1 Mola Mola: May 25: 5: 1,800 Common Dolphins, 86 Bottlenose Dolphins, 80 Risso's Dolphins, 4 Mola Mola: May 24: 4: 900 Common Dolphins, 1 Salmon Shark: May 23: 10: 3 Fin Whales, 820 Common Dolphins, 3 Mola Mola: May 22: Breaching Humpback Whale (May 25, 2021) Male Orca (Killer Whale - May 24, 2021) Humpback Whale side-lunging (May 24, 2021) Northern Right Whale Dolphins (May 23, 2021 Weekly Sightings. On every trip our naturalists collect data including sightings data, environmental data, and photographs. Each week on Facebook we share some of these photographs and a whale watch summary from every day Some great photos from yesterday's 3pm Express and Adventure Cruises! í œí°ł. Should be a big day of whale watching today with great sea conditions and more and more whales swimming past Sydney per day. head to www.whalewatchingsydney.com.au to book your tickets. Save 20% with promo code Save20

Killer whales spotted near Cornwall coast in rare UK sighting. some have not been seen in recent years and there have been no calves observed since monitoring began in the 1990s Channel Islands Whale Watching 4151 Victoria Avenue Oxnard, CA 93035 info@ChannelIslandsWhaleWatching.com (805) 382-290 Recent whale sightings in the Salish Sea For information on the Southern Resident orcas, go to Orcas of the Salish Sea . Click here to find out about Northern Resident orcas: Northern Resident orcas , For more about Offshore orcas: Offshore orcas, To learn about Transients/Bigg's Killer Whales, see:.

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Most Recent Whale Sightings May - November Whales Guaranteed 2hr & 3hr Cruises Fastest Boat This map displays the previous 7 days of sightings in near-real time and does not rely on tagged whales. The app is free to use and open to all users who would like to add their own whale and dolphin sightings when they are at-sea. You can use the species and date filters to view sightings from the past 12 months

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May 14, 2019 Bellingham, Blog, General, Recent Whale Sightings, San Juan Islands, Whale Watching humpback whale, killer whales, Orca Whales, san juan cruises, San Juan Islands, Whale Watching, whale watching adventure, Whales Sean Berry. So far the 2019 season is off to a great start, with whales seen on all of our Deluxe Whale Watching tours Definite sighting These mark the approximate locations of definite sightings of right whales. They are often associated with a dedicated survey platform, but can also be reported opportunistically and validated with photographic or video evidence In recent months, three humpback whales were spotted in the East Alligator River in the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park. Contrary to its name, the river is full of not alligators but. Welcome to our sighting logbook!Data are updated throughout the season, based on our Whale Watching and Swim with Dolphins trips. Off-season sightings (Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec) are mainly ascribed to staff-only or otherwise sporadic boat trips, whose frequency reflects the lack of tourists rather than the presence/absence of the animals Two killer whales were spotted off coast of Cornwall. some of the group's orcas have not been seen in recent years and no calves have been seen since monitoring started in the 1990s

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WHALE SIGHTINGS REPORT - May 3, 2021 This past weekend produced more fantastic sightings in the form of MINKE WHALES, HUMPBACK WHALES, WHITE-SIDED DOLPHINS, as well as GRAY and HARBOR SEALS! On.. during a sight seeing tour a boat was soaked in water by a humpback whale that was putting on a show and it later swarmed off with its siblings.Sell us your. For other creatures - specifically, sightings of sea serpents - the mystery can't be solved without taking a good long look at whale stiffies Whale Sightings In collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Vancouver Aquarium's BC Cetacean Sightings Network collects data on cetaceans and sea turtles in British Columbia. Public sightings are reported by residents, boaters and professionals and are used to inform research, conservation and recovery actions

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  1. No blue whale sightings were reported in the Philippines between 1870 and 2004. The first time was when a mother and calf were spotted by a TV crew in the Bohol Sea
  2. Wildlife sightings in Southern California are typical scenario all year round. But during migration, these aquatic animals travel in large groups so most sightseeing tours will catch them up close. Since wildlife sighting is common in CA, we encourage you to book a whale watching tour now
  3. At Splash we are scheduling whale shark tours April 27 to May 9, May 26 to June 7 and June 24 to July 6 but I need to caution you. In 2019 there were no whale shark sightings and in 2020 we did not do any whale shark tours due covid-19, although there were sightings by fishermen at Gladden Spit

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  1. In 2018, the research mission recorded only 1 sighting and several acoustic confirmations of blue whales—but this year's voyage logged 36 sightings, totaling 55 individuals
  2. Nearly 90 endangered right whales spotted off Cape Cod in single day in March. our most recent sighting of her prior to this was last March when she was presumably pregnant with this calf.
  3. Kaikƍura, New Zealand, is home to some of the most majestic & rare marine life in the world. See regular updates on recent sightings at Whale Watch Kaikoura
  4. Sightings are added to the log only once confirmed by a staff member or trained whale spotter. For recent unconfirmed sightings, or if you would like free training to become a whale spotter contact us on (08) 8551 0750 or email whalecentre@victor.sa.gov.a
  5. New York City's parks department says a recent rise in humpback whale sightings may be thanks to an abundance of food sources, including menhaden, and improvements to local water quality

During this summer's count, at least 30 minke whale sightings were reported, mostly off the western coasts of Scotland. Humpback whales were also spotted off the Aberdeenshire and East Yorkshire coasts. Humpbacks are rarely seen in Britain but their numbers have been rising in recent years,. ORCA are helping to raise awareness of the forgotton whales and dolphins within the North East Atlantic. Latest species sightings This is a map of all cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) sightings recorded in the North East Atlantic by our ORCA Marine Mammal surveyors over the last decade

We present two recent cases of right whale sightings in the Gulf of Mexico. Interestingly, both cases were cows with their first documented calf. Researchers identified the individual right whales sighted in the Gulf of Mexico by comparing photographs taken at the time o North Atlantic right whale migration is underway! As of December 2, biologists have five confirmed sightings of potential right whale moms. The first right whale of the 2019-2020 season was spotted Saturday, November 23, six miles off Jacksonville, Florida We've had excellent sightings on all of our Golden Gate Premium Whale Watch Cruises in summer 2020. Following are some brief sightings reports from recent trips with links to photos. On Saturday, July 25th, 2020, a humpback whale was seen lunge-feeding with help from a handful of California Sea Lions Marine ecologist Jason Fowler was out fishing with friends on his boat in Kakadu's East Alligator River when he got a whale-sized surprise.Mr Fowler was on h..

Recent sightings in Manx waters. Date Time Species Adult Juveniles Behaviour Duration Location Observer; 21/09/2020: 11:10: Minke Whale: 1: 0: Feeding or foraging: 270: Close in Marine drive and Douglas head. MWDW and others: 21/09/2020: 11:10: Minke Whale: 2: 0: Feeding or foraging: 60: Marine drive Arches- far offshore seasonal sightings The chart below gives an idea of which creatures you will have the opportunity to see in each month based on past sightings. Princess Monterey Whale Watching is located at the end of the historic Old Fisherman's Wharf #1 in Monterey, CA Blog, Recent Sightings Whale Sightings report for second half of July. Posted on August 7, 2019 August 7, 2019 by Andrew Lees. It has been an unforgettable weeks of sightings at Five Star Whale Watching, here is our latest sightings report! #welikeourwhaleswild #salishsea Posted by Five Star Whale Watching on Sunday, July 28, 2019 There have been recent reports in the media about humpback whale sightings on the Bay, saying this is unusually early for them to be seen. Not so, according to Jan-Petter Haugen, who sails his Islander 28 Dire Straits II out of Berkeley, and sent us photos from his phone of a humpback he saw March 21 last year, and again this year.. As JP says, Pay attention to date and time Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises has been selected Best of the Cape & Islands - Land and Sea Excursions - Mid-Cape by Cape Cod Life magazine each year since 2014.. This is a readers' choice award voted on annually by the magazine's readers and subscribers. Cape Cod Life is the region's premier lifestyle magazine showcasing the stunning natural beauty and historic charm of Cape Cod.

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After rough years for orcas, these recent whale sightings are encouraging Expand <p>Photo credit: Erica Page of Island Adventures - Members of K Pod near the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry</p> A humpback whale breaching in the Gulf of the Farallones on October 13, 2009. Other Species of Cetaceans. While Point Reyes is well known for being a great location for watching the gray whale migration during the winter and spring, a lot of visitors are surprised to see whales during the summer and fall View our live sightings - Sightings are updated weekly. We are now closed for the season, check back in the spring for our 2021 sightings! Sightings for the week of: May 10, 202 Answer 1 of 10: Earlier this month (May 2016) there were a lot of reports and news articles about rare whale sightings in San Francisco Bay. Does anyone know if they are still around? We will be possibly heading to that area the first weekend of June to see the.. This list of giant squid specimens and sightings is a comprehensive timeline of recorded human encounters with members of the genus Architeuthis, popularly known as giant squid.It includes animals that were caught by fishermen, found washed ashore, recovered (in whole or in part) from sperm whales and other predatory species, as well as those reliably sighted at sea

The northbound gray whale migration is peaking off Southern California, where a recent sightings spike has astounded scientists and landing operators. Now is the time to go, Alisa Schulman. We used 191 days during whaling activities with 593 sightings (3.1 sperm whales sighted per day) and 1130 days during whale watching activities with 1767 sightings (1.6 sperm whales sighted per day).Results showed a statistically significant dependence of obtained SPUE considering the two periods, whaling/past and whale watching/recent, Kruskal -Wallis ANOVA H(1, N Π120) Π61.96 (P Π0.000) Available information on whale shark strandings around the coast of South Africa during the period 1984-1995 was collated. Stranded animals ranged in size from 3-11 m TL, most were immature and the sex ratio was even. Aerial observations and sightings by divers indicate that whale sharks are most abundant in South African waters during the austral summer and autumn months On Maui, Great Whale Count site leaders collected data from 12 sites during 15-minute intervals between 8:30 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. A total of 35 whale sightings were seen during the 9:30 to 9:45 a.m. WhaleReport - WildWhale

A white whale has been spotted off the Victorian coast, sparking hopes the rock star humpback Migaloo has returned to Australian waters. Migaloo is one of the thousands of humpback whales that. A nice lot of Porpoises on the ebb tide, was nice with at least twenty five-thirty porpoise showing, over a couple of hours finished off with a pod of 4-5 Risso's spotted by Fran and enjoyed by Gordon who was also with us This recent sighting adds an exciting piece to that puzzle, aquarium senior scientist Philip Hamilton said in a statement. The 37-plus-year-old whale is a rarity for the critically endangered species, according to the aquarium, because she has no scars from entanglements — one of 14 per cent of the species' population, which numbers only 356 individuals, without such scars Rare sighting of whale shark in knee-deep water spotted by campers north of Broome, WA. ABC Kimberley / By Ben Collins. Posted Tue Tuesday 5 May May 2020 at 9:25pm Tue Tuesday 5 May May 2020 at 9. I was taking in the views and drinking a coffee at the Minack Theatre and I spotted a whale fin in the distance. Couldn't believe my eyes when I realised it was an orca (killer whale). Wow

Killer whales John Coe and Aquarius were spotted 550 miles from their Scottish Hebrides home in early May after they made a trip to Porthgwarra near Land's End at the tip of Cornwall

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Sightings and strandings can be reported on the new app by scientists, researchers, boat operators, wildlife enthusiasts and whale watchers, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group says. The technology can take the observer logically through the steps necessary for the reporting of both sightings (casual and effort) and strandings (live and dead), the NGO says We spotted a fin whale west of Point Loma, but it was elusive so we headed down to Los Coronados. We found two fin whales, one which proceeded to lunge feed. I have never seen a whale swim so fast. It was incredible to watch it lunge in the water

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Sperm Whales haven't been spotted in B.C.'s coastal waters since 1984, but rumours had surfaced that one was cruising in the Johnstone Strait. Read More New state-of-the-art ship to help reduce noise and environmental footprint Conservation, Education, Exploration, Innovation, Story, Whale Sightings Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning hÀr men webbplatsen du tittar pÄ tillÄter inte detta Over two weeks at sea, the scientists spotted pilot whales and spinner dolphins, orcas and more. But not a single sperm whale had crested the choppy waters of the western Indian Ocean

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Scientists at the New England Aquarium spotted a North Atlantic right whale mother and her calf in waters south of Martha's Vineyard on Sunday, the first time this season right whales have been. New calf spotted with endangered southern The sighting follows ominous news about the West Coast's southern resident killer whale population in recent weeks. 2 more killer whales will. If you see a marine mammal at a Whale Trail site, please tell us about it! Share your stories, pictures, or video with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or through our online submission form. ORCA SIGHTINGS. If you see orcas, it is important to also report your sighting to a sightings network Two of the UK's only resident killer whales are spotted in Cornwall for first time, experts say Killer whales have been spotted off the Cornish coast in the most southerly sighting in more than 50 years. Experts believe the sighting of the pair, named John Coe and Aquarius, is the instance.

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Whale Sightings There is renewed hope Southern Right Whales are returning to Tasmanian waters to breed, with the first sighting of a mother and calf Southern Right Whale this year. Tasmanian waters were once a traditional breeding ground for Southern Right Whales until they were hunted to near extinction Welcome to the official website of 'Migaloo', the most well known humpback whale on Australia's east coast. This website was setup as a crucial communication between universities, researchers, the media and the general public. It maintains a log of all white humpback whale sightings in Australi

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IRELAND is gaining a reputation as one of the best countries on the planet for whale-watching after record numbers of validated sightings of three different species in recent weeks around the coast Explore whale species & sightings Did you know that the waters of UK and Europe are home to over a third of the whale, dolphin and porpoise species worldwide? Beluga whale May 18, 2021. by [email protected] | May 18, 2021 | Recent Sightings. We had beautiful blue skies and great sea conditions off the coast of San Diego this afternoon. The Privateer headed out to the west for 15 nautical miles, as we came upon a spectacular Fin whale feeding in the depths Right whales got their name, NOAA said, from being the 'right' whales to hunt because they floated when they were killed. Nantucket and New Bedford thrived as whaling ports in the 18th and 19th.

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Blue whales have long, slender mottled grayish-blue bodies, although they appear blue underwater. The mottling pattern is highly variable. Individuals have a unique pigmentation pattern along the back in the region of the dorsal fin which can be used for the purpose of identification.. Additional distinguishing features of the blue whale include a broad, flat head, which appears U shaped from. Humpback whale sightings in bay thrill boaters, alarm biologists. Skip to main content. The recent gathering of humpbacks is just the latest head-scratching happening off the Golden Gate Sep 9, 2016 - Princess Monterey Whale Watching is the #1 Monterey Whale Watching Tour in California! Our fleet consists of the finest and most stable boats in the Bay

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Orca Watch 2021 (29th May - 6th June) Buy a ticket on Eventbrite, to access the recording of our Evening of Talks and use their search engine to find and register for the other FREE Orca Watch Online events. Monday's FREE Orca Watch Live at 7:30pm can be booked here. For the latest Breaking News Sightings click here. For the full list of the verified sightings reported during Orca. The one dead Minke Whale pictured (you can see the diagnostic white band on the pectoral fin) was close in shore. We saw three dead whales in that ten mile stretch. It may have died AND THEN become wrapped in pot lines, Recent Sightings, Update; Comments closed ← Older Posts Captain Dave's Dolphin & Whale Watching in Dana Point boasts 'Super Safe' uncrowded tours to practice social distancing. Book your whale watching tour now! Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Click here to We are OPEN & SAFE! Click here to Learn more about sightings Sightings

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