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That breathless, awkward, sweaty climb is the conundrum that Patent 5,573,256 seeks to solve. Until now, a sled capable of being attached to the body of the user and worn before, during, and after.. 11 Cool, Funny or Just Plain Strange Patents for Back to School From alarm clocks that pummel you in the head to ingenious devices to save your crayon nubs, a peek into the patent archives for back.. Top 10 Strangest Patents Ever Filed Vibrating Tattoo. Nokia is a Finnish cell phone company that made its first mobile phone in 1982. By 1998, they... Flatulence Deodorizing Pad. This one greatly speaks for itself. Bad gas happens to good people all the time, but it is... Portable Bath Capsule.. 11 Hilariously Weird Patent Applications A Portable Bath Capsule. It's winter already, not the GOT one, that's long gone. But it's cold. And agree with me or... Flying House. Moving on to yet another flabbergasting invention. Well, someone got inspired by UP the movie, and guess... Fart Gas.

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Patent Number: US 6802819 Also known as the Personal Hygeinic Massage Bar, this patent is a novelty bar of soap containing an electro-mechanical vibrating mechanism. Within a housing is disposed an electric motor that rotates a weight from an eccentric point. Two reed switches are connected in parallel within the housing It was recently reported that Google filed a patent for a device that would be inserted into the human eye in order to correct poor vision. After reading through what seemed like a crazy, odd idea.. The 10 Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Patented. By: Ross Wolinsky. November 27, 2007. Advertisement. The wheel. The light bulb. Big Mouth Billy Bass. Great inventions inspire awe, while providing comfort and convenience to the masses

We have created a list of the weirdest and the coolest inventions that we've found, so scroll down below for a dose of the marvelous ideas for invention! Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybri Google Patents makes it easy to search for everything the USPTO grants, and some of the approved prototypes - like thong diapers and glasses that pierce to your face -- are hysterical. We sifted.. These are some of the strangest human inventions. 5. GROUP SHAVING MACHINE - this 19th-century machine could shave a dozen men at once. One reason for its commercial failure was that it could not. We scoured Google's patent database to find the most absurd—and often wildly dangerous—sex-based patent designs filed by some of history's most misguided engineers. But with sex-crazed humans being.. 1. My all-time favorite dumb patent is Apple's design patent for a rectangle with rounded corners. Granted in 2012, Apple received a patent for the shape o

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  1. 6 Robert YatesThe Can Opener. English merchant Peter Durand patented canned food preservation in 1820 and began supplying the Royal Navy with canned foods. The can opener, however, wasn't invented until decades later. The first cans were made of iron, so people had to struggle to open them with a hammer and chisel
  2. 15 Patents That Changed the World. The drone. The iPhone. Bluetooth. GPS. Before they changed the world, these technologies were schematics on paper. Here is where the future began. By Jay Bennett.
  3. 4 of the Weirdest Inventions Amazon Patented in 2018 The e-commerce giant patents a lot of wacky inventions, but these might be the year's best

Weird Inventions: Hangover Mask Made up of ice cubes to cool the face, this mask was said to help poor souls of the world handle their hangovers. It was coined by Max Factor in the USA in 1947 The best way to deal with them, though, is not through masks or ice—but just to, you know, drink less Patently weird: 20 amazing inventions that failed, despite being granted patents [Pictures] An alarm clock that tips you out of bed when it is time to get up, a hat that would allow men to tell if.

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Weird Automotive Patents Thankfully Never Went Into Production 5 / 10 The 'Aerocar' & Drone Car Wash Toyota has dreams of making a flying car as early as 2014. the design's a bit weird, though, and.. Prior to the game's release, Nintendo filed a patent for a video game and game system incorporating a game character's sanity level that is affected by occurrences in the game. Interestingly,.. Weird automotive patents that thankfully never went into production. Slideshow. 1 / 10. 2 / 10. Tear gas dispenser, wind turbine, & retractable telescopic tail. The first one's listed as a 'fragrance' dispenser inside the car. However, Toyota also mentioned its alternate use as a tear gas dispencer as self-defense Apple has patented this strange glove, which Patently has dubbed as the magic glove system. The glove is supposed to allow you to use your cell phone in cold weather Last month, The War Zone reported on a series of strange patent applications the U.S. Navy has filed over the last few years and questioned what their connections may be with the ongoing saga of..

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Specializing in General Management, Marketing and Trade Management Weird Patents: Everything You Need to Know. Weird patents don't seem like two words that go together. We have several examples of unusual products that have been granted patents and have selected some of the strangest to share. The Reward Candy Dispenser. This product addresses office workers who don't always do what they are supposed to do Weird and Wacky Patents. A collection of inventions and patents what border on the bizarre, weird, wacky, unusual, and ridiculous. D759741 - Bryan Wu et. al. - Domestic and industrial robot. 8,766,784 - Nokia Technologies Oy - Haptic communication. 7,574,752 - Patrick Walters - Garment with integral faux thong extension and. Five weird patents The hiccup stopper . In 2003, a patent was registered for a series of metal rods that were placed inside a glass and made to touch the sides of someone's face so that, while they were drinking, small electric shocks would be emitted, jolting the vagus nerve and phrenic nerves, and stopping the hiccups In 2019 alone, IBM held the top spot for patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with 9,262 in total. It's an exciting time to be a budding inventor, with corporate giants like.

10 Bizarre and Horrifying Sex Patents (NSFW) Ashley Feinberg. 1/21/15 2:08PM. 133. 13. Depending on who you talk to, the future of sex may be teledildonics. Or virtual reality. Or painfully hot. Weird Patent Application Generator Just for fun, our AI will automatically convert almost any website or blog into a patent application. Enter the URL below: 35 Classic Books Turned Into Patents We used our AI to automatically convert classic books into patent applications Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Patents 1-5 Interesting Facts About Patents 1. The inventor of the Laser, Gordon Gould fought with both the US Patent office and Laser manufacturers for a period of 38 years before finally achieving the right to both obtain and enforce patents covering the Laser technology he had invented To find weird food inventions, we mined Google Patents for the strangest culinary creations going back to 1935, then looked into whether they're being produced today. You know, just in case you.

Patents - Weird and wonderful! ENSafrica South Africa September 27 2019 A recent article entitled Why Are There So Many Weird Tech Patents? by Rose Eveleth has an interesting take on patents Weird Patents That Never Came to Fruition. Every year, the USPTO receives more than 500,000 patent applications. And while many of these applications are approved, some people never see their patent dreams turn into reality. And this may be because some patents are just plain weird. So let's take a closer look at a few very strange patents. Totally Absurd Inventions & Patents - From the tricycle lawn mower to the diaper alarm, read about some of the strangest patents ever issued by the US Government He holds a number of patents, including US Patent No. 4996938, apparatus for propelling a user in an underwater environment, that he and his brother, Michael, created to film The Abyss and.

There's a distinctly quirky aspect to the article, with mention of some truly weird and wonderful patents: a lie-detecting throat tattoo, a delivery blimp, a flying warehouse, an underwater warehouse, a self-destructing drone, a drone tunnel. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon filed quite a few of these applications Did the Earl campfire story Weird Patents and then found a Disovery while on an expedition, but my percent renowned from gold did not go up. Found this information on the wiki: Weird Patents - Renown received from Gold increases by 3% every time you find a Discovery*. *NOTE: Does not apply to Discoveries collect on the world map, whether from Entourage, Insight or Treasures (Origin of the. Tag Archives: weird patents Home Posts tagged weird patents Weird Patents: What to think of the Navy's UFO Patents. Last week many technology media outlets have drawn attention to several curious patent filings by th.

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Voted a 2019 Product of the Year winner, Nightfood Ice Cream is the best kind of weird: a food we love with some built-in health benefits. Nightfood Ice Cream is infused with a variety of sleep. The patents in question were granted first to Hideo Tomomatsu of Crystal Lake, Illinois and then to the team of Joseph Farinella of Chicago, Illinois and Justin French of Cedars, Iowa through the late 80s and 90s. Weird Things is proudly powered by WordPress Entries. Take a look at Ten Weird Patents That Google Owns #10. Social Networking Updates by Comic Strips. Back in ancient times - in online social networking terms, that's about 2006 - it was really cool to post a text message on Facebook to inform all your friends that you were vacationing in Hawaii, starting a new job or getting a mole removed at the dermatologist's office

Information Sources in Patents, 2nd ed. by Stephen R. Adams Robert Cantrell delves into the business side of the patent world: Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy Alexander Poltorak and Paul Lerner give you a leg up on intellectual property licensing Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property and patents specificall 10 Weird Patents That Google Owns. August 17, 2014 August 17, 2014 • romodaneghyan. Everyday Tech Pictures. An Android smartphone displays the Google website in this picture illustration in Seoul, South Korea. Google has lots of patents for products you never imagined But as of 2017, according to statistics reported by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and published by the Federation of American Scientists, there were 5,784 patents that you can't see. They. Check out our weird patents selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

But patents in games go beyond the periphery and peripherals; many of them cut right to the heart of some of the most popular and successful games in the industry Apr 10, 2017 - patent drawings. See more ideas about patent drawing, patent, weird Posts about Weird Patents written by American Fun Fact of the Day. America Fun Fact of the Day. 17-time Pulitzer Award winners. 23-time National Whiskey Chugging Competition champions. and at their worst remind us that Jigsaw probably took the time to submit most of his torture devices for official patents

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Weird automotive patents that thankfully never went into production. The first one's listed as a 'fragrance' dispenser inside the car. However, Toyota also mentioned its alternate use as a tear gas dispencer as self-defense. In search for alternative automotive energy, a roof-mounted turbine system patent has been submitted in 2012 to use wind. After reporting on the bizarre saga of the Navy's UFO patents by Dr. Salvatore Pais for over a year and a half, The War Zone has finally gotten an on-the-record comment from the Naval Air. From the Mass Effect dialogue wheel to Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis System, here are 8 video game patents that might surprise you. By Heather Wald February 10, 2021. News that Middle-earth: Shadow.

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  3. You can put these patents right in front of people and you can tell them to google certain findings on this. The people that I have expressed this issue think that I am nutty. The ones that show any type of interest will go to the De-bunking sites and try to defy what you are trying to tell them. I really wonder what is in their head all the time
  4. A Canadian sport invented by T.E. Ryan of Toronto in 1909. Basketball. Invented by Canada-born James Naismith in 1891. Goalie Mask. Invented by professional hockey goal tender Jacques Plante in 1960. Lacrosse. Codified by William George Beers around 1860. Ice Hockey. Invented in 19th-century Canada

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19. It's a bear, it's a moose it's a Sasquatch! Perhaps one of Canada's weirdest laws states that if you see the big guy in all of his hairiness in B.C., don't shoot! Just run and hide. Killing the gentle giant could get you arrested. 20. Finally, anyone caught in Bancroft, Ontario taking a skinny dip, will be arrested 11 weird and wonderful Christmas tree patents. By Brian Resnick @B_resnick Updated Dec 23, 2017, 11:20am EST Share this story. Share this on Facebook; Share this on Twitter. The Pais Effect This February 2021, the War Zone updated the story about the Pais Effect from Dr. Pais's patents. First, the Navy advocated for the patents. Now, it appears they have thrown cold water on hopes of a breakthrough, as Forbes put it. Queries about his experiments were met with confirmation that a three-year $508,000 assessment had found no proof of the Pais.

Why Are There So Many Weird Tech Patents? No. I mean, because they can. It's like a lottery -- most of the time you lose, but a few times you can win it big due to someone else (spinning the wheel or pulling a ball for said lottery.) With a patent, you wait for someone to accidentally include it as a minor component of their product and win big Obscure Patents. Welcome to the Museum of Obscure Patents. Here are some of the strangest patented inventions you will ever see. Enjoy! Doll Urn. Halloween Costume. Dog Chastity Belt. Squirrel.

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Mysterious Patents: Inertial Mass Reduction Device. Internal NAVAIR emails recently obtained by The War Zone suggest that the US Navy is in possession of exotic energy-producing technologies of potential extraterrestrial origin. The patents created by cryptic inventor Dr Salvatore Pais bear names and descriptions such as high-temperature. Jordan Cicchelli, BarDown Staff. Discovering old and weird baseball patents. It's no kidding that baseball's long history dating back to the mid 19th century is full of deep-rooted tradition. Its culture goes far beyond sport and plays a pivotal role in the shaping of the United States. And of course, there have been various innovative. Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft's newest weird patents for virtual reality glasses, drones, self-driving cars, in-store tracking, microsensors, biosensors, augmented reality gloves and more Blockstream having patents in Segwit makes all the weird pieces of the last three years fall perfectly into place. Activism Bitcoin Patent Monopolies Posted on 2017-05-01 • Updated 2017-07-25 • by Rick Falkvinge 74795 74. Based on Blockstream's behavior in the Bitcoin community,.

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hyperallergic.com - A new book pulls from the more than 750,000 design patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1900, bringing A Weird and Wonderful History of Design Patents - Flipboar The patents, no. 7,523,373 and 7,725,759, are said to relate to inventions that increase the power and speed of processors, which certainly places them in Intel's realm of expertise June 28, 2019. Jony Ive, Apple's longtime design chief, is leaving Apple to start his own firm. Ive has been prolific during his time at Apple. His name can be found on 1,628 patents in the US. Patent images reveal Nio's saloon challenger to the Tesla Model S: ET7. The ET Preview's production version will have a 150 kWh battery pack and a 559-mile range. By Gustavo Henrique Ruffo 07 January 2021. Patents People sometimes think of crazy things -- that's a given. I'm sure you know someone who constantly cooks up loony ideas. The show 'American Inventor' is full of these 'what the heck were you thinking' ideas. But do you know that you can apply for a patent even for the craziest ideas?Just look at the following patents granted by the US government; you'd think that someone at the US Patents and.

Crazy patents of Google have invented for people . Nowadays technology ahead of mind, but google do it , in different invention in different field . In Future of google , This will patents device available in market .You felling in this thought of patents , here we are talk about this top 15 craziest patents of googl Here are few strange and dangerous patents from years ago when man's brain was still evolving. When you have a look at these you'll wonder how we've made it as far as we have. Many of these involve taking one perfectly good item, combining it with another perfectly good item and turning them into one perfectly c*@ppy item. Have a look at these prize-winner Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are three distinct legal tools used to claim ownership in different ways. They're also handled by different government agencies and require different methods to claim them. Patents are limited-duration rights related to an invention We recently showed you the most ridiculous patents ever issued. It turns out the trademark side of the US Patent and Trademark Office is just as fun. The New England Patriots tried to trademark.

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30 Weird But Brilliant Inventions. These Are Absolutely Genius. 1. Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid. 2. Flask Tie. 3. Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings. 4 25 Weird Inventions That Never Took Off View Gallery If, as the old proverb states, necessity is the mother of invention, then the contraptions in the gallery above were orphans right out of the workshop -- at least to the public at large 10 Weird tampon patents. June 24, 2020. Lots of entrepreneurs have thought about what would make the ideal new sanitary product. Some of these ideas are very unlikely to ever be produced in reality though. Here are the 10 weirdest ones. 1. Combination tampon and menstrual pad. Is it a tampon

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Weird Patents and applications of the Week. January 21, 2015 January 21, 2015 ~ bobatron4. In an effort to post on this blog more I will be starting a weekly segment dedicated to the strange patents I find while working through the USPTO database Apr 29, 2014 - If you thought Google Glass was 'out there,' you'll be more surprised reading about these 10 weird patents that Google Owns at HowStuffWorks

Anthony Blog funny, patent, patent news, weird patents Patents are one of the strongest forms of intellectual property protection a party can obtain. Patents gives a party the exclusive right to make use, sell, offer for sale, or import into the United States a patented invention Patent Inspiration uses vibrant and interactive visualizations to convey patent data. Users gain full control of the visualizations, adaptable legends, titles, search fields, and graph types, all of which are easily exportable. Patent data can be cryptic, which makes searching for a particular technology difficult Representative Patents - We are proud of our clients - here are some of their inventions. Patent Costs - Look at our Budget Estimator and listing of Patent Office fees. Foreign Filing - CConsiderations for follow-on and foreign filing. Patent Application and Patent Timeline - important dates in the life of a patent application and a patent Patents are weird, especially the way other people do it. My goal is always to write up the idea just as clearly and completely as I can, which is the least-weird (weirdless?) way of doing it. An alternate school of thought is that the patent should be lawyered up to increase its protection even at the expense of clarity (or comprehensibility) Weird Patents and applications of the Week. January 21, 2015 January 21, 2015 ~ bobatron4 ~ Leave a comment. In an effort to post on this blog more I will be starting a weekly segment dedicated to the strange patents I find while working through the USPTO database. Today's weird patent application comes from inventor Courtney Henderson

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A new book pulls from the more than 750,000 design patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1900, bringing together a fascinating range of products, including cars, buildings, domestic appliances, electronics, and more. Patented: 1,000 Design Patents by Thomas Rinaldi (Phaidon, 2021) is an illustrated journey through more than a century of American trends. A Weird Life - PART 2. Category: / Literature / Creative Writing, but deep inside, my heart ached with pain and it was almost too much for me to bear. I needed the love and attention from a caring mother than anything else in the world. Patents have come a long way since their inception 2 9. Weird car patents. Image Credit: Vanarama. Patent filings shed light on what goes on inside an automaker's research and development department. They sometimes preview things we'll see in the.

Nikola Tesla Patents and Inventions. Although Nikola Tesla began his inventing work at the beginning of the 1880s, in the period from 1881 to 1882 while he was working for the Central Telegraph Office in Budapest, there is no information of him attempting to obtain a patent for any of his inventions. He applied for his first patent, for an electric arc lamp, after his arrival in the USA on. Weird & Wonderful: life in the deep sea Messina Straits Chauliodus sloani Registering patents is not cheap or easy, and many of these patents will likely end up being a 'loss', said Dr. The weird, wonderful history of basketball retrieval device patents for lonely shooters. New, comments. By Seth Rosenthal May 8, 2015, 9:21am EDT / new. Share this story. Share this.

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Justia - Patents - Patents and Patent Application Resources. Abstract: A foot presence sensor system for an active article of footwear can include a sensor housing configured to be disposed at or in an insole of the article, and a controller circuit, disposed within the sensor housing, configured to trigger one or more automated functions of the footwear based on a foot presence indication Posts about weird patents written by Marcus Haner. 1. Rotating Ice-Cream Cone. Source. 2. Doll Urn. Yes, you read that correctly A Weird and Wonderful History of Design Patents A new book pulls from the more than 750,000 design patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1900, bringing together a fascinating range of products, including cars, buildings, domestic appliances, electronics, and more


U.S. Navy's UFO Patents Can Allegedly Engineer the Fabric of Reality. The United States military is working on some new patents from Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, which sound like they could have come. A Weird and Wonderful History of Design Patents . A new book pulls from the more than 750,000 design patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1900, bringing together a fascinating range of products, including cars, buildings, domestic appliances, electronics, and more Patents and utility models are two different legal mechanisms that can be used to protect a new product or innovative procedure that you developed. These two concepts have several things in common but we want to make sure that you know the differences, the requirements, and what each legal protection mechanism can be used for OPPO patents Unique Foldable Smartphone designs with a weird Block structure. By. Sudarshan - Nov 5, 2020. Unlike the first two patents, this one has a total of eight blocks but the number of.

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